Why Digitize?

When was the last time you watched your old videotapes? It has probably been too long! The frustrating thing about these old tapes is that, in most cases, you don’t have a way to play them. Perhaps your VCR got thrown away years ago after “eating” a tape. Maybe you upgraded your camcorder, and then who knows what happened to it? In the end, the tapes got stored away.

If you are considering digitizing your tapes, are you worried that someday that will be obsolete too? Just when you get to enjoy your movies, technology will leave you in the dust? We don’t think so and here’s why.

Digitizing vinyl records, video and audio tapes is an involved process. There is no way around playing the media in real time, and then having equipment to convert them to digital files. From there, you can decide to burn the files to CD or DVD, or just keep them as digital files on your computer (what we call “diskless”). Either way, you have made the giant leap from analog to digital.

We actually believe that CD’s and DVD’s will become obsolete in the future. “Diskless” transfers are becoming more common in our studio. But if you are not ready for that, don’t fret just yet. Taking the video or audio off of a CD or DVD is really easy, and software is getting better all of time to help. Plus, you won’t have to play your media in real time- it should just take a few minutes to “drag and drop” the contents of a CD or DVD to your computer’s harddrive.

So, making the investment from tape (or vinyl) to digital is a big one, whether you decide to do it yourself or have Off The Record do it for you. Keeping up with technology after that should be easy and painless. Enjoy your memories without having to worry about technology leaving you behind!

Bring back family movie night……………….with your family memories


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