Video to DVD Process

It’s time to bring back family movie night….. with your family movies!

Our video transfer services include:

  • VHS and VHS-c to DVD or hard drive
  • Hi-8 and Digital 8 to DVD or hard drive
  • MiniDV to DVD or hard drive

We do all video transfers in our studio. Your video is played on a camcorder or VHS player and streamed into a computer using video capture software. Once your video is digitized, you have several options:
1. Have us automatically insert chapters every 5 minutes. Your video is not edited and will play exactly as it plays from the camcorder or VHS player. This is the Standard Video Transfer package.
2. Have us edit your video so that chapters are placed at the beginning of specific scenes or events. When you play your DVD, a menu will show all of your custom chapters so you can skip to specific events with the touch of a button. This is the Premium Video Transfer package.
3. By-pass having a DVD and go straight to a hard drive. You send us a hard drive, or we will purchase one for you. We will transfer your video files directly onto the drive so that you can edit your video yourself and create your own custom DVD’s. Check out the Discless Video Transfer package.

We return your original videotapes as well as your DVD’s (or hard drive) back to you! Just pop it in your player and enjoy for years to come!

For a side by side comparison of all video transfer packages click here.