LP to CD Process

It’s time to give your vinyl another chance to spin! Our LP to CD transfer process gives you the look and sound of your original records, but with modern use and portability. Here’s how the process works:

1. Send us your records and we will let you know when they arrive at our studio.
2. We clean your records to ensure the best audio transfer. We wet clean (we absolutely do not use tap water of detergents), and vacuum dry. Your record label will not get wet. Check out the final cleaned and digitized audio samples here.
3. Your record is played on a Project Debut III turntable (with an Ortofon 20 stylus). We calibrate our turntable monthly. While it is being played, your music is being streamed into a computer using audio capture software. A preamplifier converts the analog music from the LP into digital music.
4. Once your record in digitized, we divide the album into tracks using music editing software. We also digitally clean your music to remove pops, clicks and hiss.
5. We burn your music onto an archival quality CD that looks like a vinyl record! We print the album title and artist directly onto the CD (we do not use labels that can peel over time).
6. Your album artwork is reproduced on the jewel case. So, your finished product looks as close to your original album as possible!
7. We send your original LP and transferred copy back to you!

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Enjoy a sample of what our LP to CD .mp3 transfer sounds like…….

I Heard It Through The Grapevine