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Audio Transfer Servicesspacer

Give your vinyl another chance to spin! Our Audio to Digital packages give you the look and feel of your vinyl records and audio cassette tapes, but with modern use and portability. Our audio transfer services include:
  • LP (33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm) records to CD and MP3
  • Audio Cassette tapes to CD and MP3
  • Additional custom services available upon request

Just like our video services, we include everything you need for one low price, and No Extra Charges for noise reduction, track splitting, or simple editing of your music. We provide three packages to fit your individual needs, all with the same process that produces a high quality transfer every time: Physical Cleaning, Professional Equipment & Digital Cleaning. When your order is complete, your digital music as well as your original media is returned to you for you to enjoy in your car and home stereo or MP3 device! Check out the side by side comparison of our three audio packages to determine which is right for you!

LP records LP records & tapes 12" singles,
45 & 78 rpm records
1- 9tapes to CD$29.98
10+LP to CD$28.99
30+Vinyl to CD$27.99
double LPDouble LP to CD$36.99
extra copycassette to CD$9.95
1- 9cassette to CD$14.99
10+LP Records to CD transfer$13.99
30+Vinyl to CD transfer$12.99
double LPdouble LP to CD$21.99
extra copyLP to CD$5.95
8-20cassette to CD$2.99
21+LP to MP3$2.5
31+Vinyl to MP3$1.99

extra copytapes to CD$5.95
Audio CD Audio CD or MP3 Audio CD or MP3
album title and artist
printed on the cd
album title and artist
printed on the cd
album title and artist
printed on the cd
thick jewell case slim jewell case slim jewell case
front & back of the album NO upon customer request
LP to CD Transfer Cassette to CD Vinyl to CD
lp to cd transfer

Audio Tape Restored Samplesspacer

Check out our Premium Audio Transfer package sample pictures below! LP to CD orders are written to a CD that looks like a 45rpm vinyl record! Our "before" and "after" audio samples demonstrates how our digital cleaning enhances the sound of your vinyl records. Note that digital cleaning is also included with our Standard and By The Track packages for vinyl records. Learn more about our process.

For all of our analog to digital audio packages, your music is written to an archival- quality CD. Vinyl records to audio CD include the album title and artist printed directly onto the CD, as well as a typed out playlist. Vinyl record and cassette to MP3 orders include a data CD with each track labeled with its track name, album title and artist to make importing into your iTunes library a snap!

click below to compare before and after audio samples:
lp to cd transfer Do you have vinyl records from your High School Band or Choir performances? Create the ultimate party favor for your Class Reunion by having your record put onto cd! Special pricing is available for large orders!

Have a special record or tape- such as a Church service (sermon, eulogy), your 80's hair band garage session, or recordings of loved ones you haven't heard for years ? We will customize your order to make the perfect gift to share with friends and family, just let us know what you have in mind!

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