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Have your vinyl records, audio cassette tapes and video tapes been gathering dust for years?  Have you ever wanted to play them again or to share them with your family but just don’t have the right equipment?  As we like to say, it’s like having a fine bottle of wine but no corkscrew to open it!  You know the good stuff is in there, but you just can’t experience it.  But, unlike that bottle of wine, your media does not get better with time.  The quality degrades every year.

We understand.  We have been there.  Technology keeps on changing.  Meanwhile, it is expensive and time- consuming to keep up with it.  That’s where we can help.  Not only can we digitize your memories into a current format (CD, DVD, .mp3), we also keep the future in mind.  We are developing new ways of  “diskless” transfers so that you can take your memories directly from where they are now to your computer’s hard-drive or a secure, online server.  That way, your memories will always be in a format you can access them.  How cool is that?

Please check out our website and digitization services.  And, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  We customize your order to fit your needs and do all transfers in our studio to ensure the best of care and privacy of your memories!

Bring back family movie night……………. with your family memories!


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