Do- It- Yourself Audio to Digital Part 1

Have you ever considered converting your LP’s to CD?  Do you want to experience your nostalgic music with modern day convenience and portability?   If so, you may be wondering, and perhaps doing your own research, on what your options are and how to find the right balance between investing your money and your free time in a project like this.

Off The Record would like to help you in this important, and valuable, task in determining what is the best option for you in digitizing your vinyl. We are going to explore this topic in a series of blog posts.  Each blog will focuses on the three most common methods to transfer your vinyl and the pros and cons of each.

  1. Buy a LP to CD Recorder that transfers straight from your record to a CD without a computer.
  2. *Examples are the Hammacher Schlemmer LP to CD Recorder ($349.95) or the Ion LP 2 CD USB Turntable with direct-to-CD Recording ($399.00)or the Crosley Composer Vinyl to CD composer/burner ($398.00)

  3. Buy a USB Turntable that plugs into your computer and transfer your record using software and your computer’s cd burner.
  4. *Examples (which start around $60) are the Audio Technica AT-LP2DA LP-to-Digital Recording System and the Ion TTUSB .  There are higher-end USB turntables, such as the Pro-ject Debut III ($500) which have a much better sound quality.

  5. Finding and Hiring a reputable transfer service to do the work for you
    *Recommended: Off The Record, LLC ($9.99 per record)

One important thing to consider with all three methods, besides the investment of money and time, is the quality of equipment that is used in the transfer process. It does help to know a thing or two about turntables as current technology has produced some very decent turntables at a reasonable price. However, due to the cheaper components (plastic, in most cases) there will be a loss in quality.

Off the Record uses a Pro-ject Debut III USB turntable, with built-in pre-amplifier to stream your music directly into our computer with superb components and wonderful sound. You will see a night and day difference in the quality of your music with a turnatable, such as the Pro-ject Debut III, when compared the an ion ittusb or Audio technica LPT2DA.  We also uses an upgraded Ortofon 20 stylus to maximize sound quality.

Our next post will focus on the pros and cons of converting your vinyl to CD yourself using a commercially- available LP to CD Recorder.

For more information, check out these helpful links:

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